Guess what the surprise is?

Rice. Hahahah! This is the first time he’ll be having rice in his BentangBento.  But I was trying to make a logo-ish looking bento which I can use as a logo or avatar. I don’t know. I’m not as happy about it as I thought I would be.

Anyway. Back to dissecting this bento: Well it’s kinda easy to see where I was heading and why the things where placed that way.

A few things to note though:

1. The sauce cup is an old medicine measuring cup from the kids. it’s small enough to pack in small spaces and it holds enough for the amount of veggie sticks in the bento. One problem though is that it doesn’t have a cover so it’s only good for semi-solid or solid food. Or a trick I do is I place it the very last moment where the bento lid acts as it’s own cover.

2. Rice is a very important aspect of a Japanese bento. And the Japonica rice is a preshoos little princess in our supermarkets (they’re too pricey). I’ve discovered though that the Dinurado variety we have here in Philippines works the same way. And it’s tasty too. Rice being a staple here, it took me a while to find the perfect medium grain rice for onigiri making. I haven’t made an onigiri yet but at least now I know it’s possible.

3. Lastly, the corned beef thingie on the upper right hand corner. I actually took that out after I snapped the photo as that wouldn’t travel well. So naturally, it went to my mouth instead of the bin, don’t want to waste food. And it was just so GOOD!!!

Here’s a quick recipe: carrot hors d’oeuvres

1 Carrot, sliced into circles

1 can corned beef, (sorry to use the canned variety, haven’t ventured into making my own from scratch, but it’s on the list)

2 white onions, one to slice as rings and the other minced.


1. Boil carrots. You can opt not to boil, but the slightly softer one felt easier in the mouth.

2. Caramelize onion on a low fire, add corned beef. I wouldn’t normally add salt to canned meat as they tend to be high in sodium already. Add your spice of choice. I would add a heat aspect if I were the only one consuming.

3. Place raw onion ring  on top of carrot and add about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of sauteed corned beef.

4. Nom.

5. Thank me later. ;P




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