I endorse having a set theme for each day. One that isn’t so right on but also gives you direction for when you go to the market.

I remember having avocado only by the end of summer, now they’re still here and quite abundant. I really want to teach my kids to eat avocado, I think they are repulsed by the texture. So here I am including it in today’s BentangBento. (psh! He tried a few pieces but left some for K2 to find) Of course, the rest were consumed.

Oh the pilipit! These pretzels are crunchy, not hard like I expected or remembered. The kids love it and they are pretty in the bento, I can imagine it used many other ways in a kyaraben (character bento). Could look like locks of hair. ::rubs chin::

As an aside, let’s get into a more detailed discussion of my established thematic days and why I just love it.

When I started, I just put together whatever was available and always just had eggs of some form in Kulay’s BentangBento. He loves eggs but I want more variety in his diet. There was an afternoon when I couldn’t think of what to put in his baon, so I just came up with an alteration of the previous days’. That’s when I thought that there is a better way and I stumbled upon a hashtag (forgot which) that denotes a theme for each day. And so the daily themes where made.


They’re actually more general than the others I’ve seen and for me to have just a guide is enough. The first three days speak for themselves, and with you I’m just as confused every Thursdays. Weekend is there but it’s not there yet. I was originally going for rinse&repeatThursdays, which would allow me to copy one of the first three days. But it felt like a cop out, so I came up with shootingblanksThursdays, which is even more ornery. I like how it rolls in my head, though. SurprisemeFridays are just that, to encourage me to add a bit of excitement in this BentangBento making expedition.

Anyway, these aren’t set in stone. I may just change it up next month or next week. It just helps me and I hope it aids you too. You can copy my set days, or you can come up with yours.



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