Not really a bento…


This is my sad attempt at a bento today.  Kulay didn’t go to class again, plus he wouldn’t be bringing food again tomorrow, and Friday is a holiday. So I  felt the need to make up for the lost bento days.

It doesn’t look pretty or anything but I can tell you the kiddo almost polished that  off. He did try the laing on the upper right corner, and try… I will make him try again another day until he’s acquired the taste for mushy greens (taro leaves) in coconut milk.

The pork bbq was a hit. It should be because he requested it. And he also almost drank my homemade bbq sauce.

This is my attempt at using my onigiri molds with the Dinurado rice we have. The star and rabbit rice is perfect for one good bite. I can imagine sandwich-ing a savory food between the rice (like adobo) and it’ll be the perfect bite. And my theory is right: Dinurado makes for a good onigiri, should serve well as part of a sushi too.


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