What is BentangBento?

We all know what a Bento is. It is what Japanese call their packed lunch. And most of the time it’s pretty and some are even artistic. We all know this already.

If you aren’t Filipino, though, you might not get the wordplay in the term BentangBento. So here goes an explanation:

Benta is a Filipino word that generally means sales or something for sale. Many of our words take on different meanings or tense like a conjugation in the Romantic languages.

nagbenta – Sold something.

binebenta – Selling something.

bumenta – It was sold. Mostly used in describing abstract things like an event or a joke.

bumebenta – Selling [(like hotcakes)]. People are presently buying it.

bentang-benta – Is the superlative of bumebenta

Thus BentangBento is a wordplay which implies the bento is raking in sales; or that the bento made was supremely enjoyed by the person the bento was made for. The bento is bentang-benta. BentangBento.

More than a business, BentangBento shares a vision: To Instill healthy eathing habits, one packed meal at a time.




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