Sticks and dips


A new beginning… AGAIN. It was exam week last week and Kulay spent barely 10 minutes in school so he really didn’t need baon.

In the spirit of fruitful Mondays, I prepped papaya, cucumber and apple sticks. There’s two dipping sauce: peanut butter and thousand island. The choice of sauce gives your kid control in what’s actually an orchestrated meal. If I had a refrigerator I would have hummus and or guacamole in there but yeah that’s another story.

And let’s not forget the treat. That binch chocolate covered crackers is like crack to me but I’m really being good and not consuming them in one go for mileage.

As an aside, I’m changing up the way my photos appear. I hate that I only have a not-so-decent-anymore Galaxy Ace circa 2011. But I would have to make do. And I’ve been taking photos with filtered apps, for now, I’ll stick to the standard camera and have as little editing as possible.



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