Sapin-sapin espesyal


In light of yesterday’s suman (sticky rice) bento, I decided to put more focus on our native desserts called the kakanin. These are what you’d normally find in a sapin-sapin, a set of kakanin put together usually in the round. Here is a sample slice of that round: 


Kakanin is basically desserts made of rice with variety in terms of ingredients added in. Sapin-sapin is like the buffet of kakanin, usually served during family gatherings or fiestas. The photo below isn’t mine but just so you see it in it’s circular glory — the way it’s served. Click the photo to take you to a blog post on that. 😀 


There are many other kakanins. What you are about to see is just a few of them. In some photos you’ll find a few lost items like chicken sandwich and hotdog waffle. (hehe) These kinds of specialty stores selling native items at the wet market have also taken into selling other ready-to-eat goods.





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