Bentangbentoing with a weak finger

So last weekend I broke my right pointer finger and by Monday it was still too weak for me to make it useful. I couldn’t even zip my own fly much more bike to the market to stock up on supplies. Luckily the vendors dropped by early and I had enough time before Kulay had to leave for school. 

For Monday, I put together nuts, cheese sticks, and puto and kutsinta. Puto and kutsinta is another Filipino delicacy made with rice. Puto is a lot like the Chinese mantao, it’s basically steamed bun shaped like a flat cupcake. Kutsinta has a more jelly like consistency. Honestly I have no idea how it’s made to think it’s one of my favorites. Hrmm, will rectify that soon and report back about the adorably nommy kutsinta. 






It was the same fare for Tuesday. I know B-O-R-I-N-G!!! This is why I had to cut the puto into stars to make it a bit different. 








I had made it to the market by Wednesday. And had purchased stuff for Thursday’s big event and some fruits. These are what they call cherry apples. The kids love them! They reminded me of mansanitas (tiny apples) which I used to pick back when I was a kid and spent summer at my grandparents’. They come from the gated subdivision, although sometimes the guard would let us in and pick out the fruits that have fallen. Until they decided to be industrious and pack them in plastics to sell to us.

These particular cherry apples taste a bit weird to me. They’re not to sweet, a tad bit sour, and (pardon me for not knowing the translation) mapakla. Also, just a recent discovery: Polishing apples make them look really really shiny and attractive. 



Another fruit for Friday: Lansones. These are seasonal fruits that are sweet and have bitter seeds when you accidentally bite into them, which can happen fairly often. I thought he’d eat them even if I didn’t open them but yes they came back from school with him. They aren’t rotten (although they look it) in fact this is the best time to eat them. Personally, I love eating the tiny ones so that there wouldn’t be any bitter seeds.

The cloud9 chocolate is much like snickers, poor man’s snickers. Only, I really love them and sometimes crave them instead of the snickers which are a bit too sweet for me. 



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