The birthday Bentangbento

the birthday Bentangbento

I was ambitious. I wanted to make the noodles look like locks of hair and the bread a profile of the face while the piece of chicken a side view or the shoulders. Suffice to say, I quit while I was ahead. I just put together everything I had for the bento in the cleanest and hopefully cutest way I could.

Also, I had to make 12 of these. AMBITIOUS. The Dadee even had to rush to the nearest Andok’s chicken to grab another because the one I bought wasn’t cut well. Somehow I still managed and the kids definitely adored the food they had.

I was also surprised that they all were munching on their carrot sticks, which I only added for the freshness/good eats factor. Apparently, Kulay’s BentangBento are a bit of a hit among his classmates and they’ve been keen on the idea of eating carrots. (heart warmed. indirect compliment was very rewarding.)

Overall, I give myself a pat on the back for trying and banking the experience into future bentangbentos.



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