A Week of Good Stuff

Let’s all rejoice and squee for a week of complete BentangBento days. This only means Kulay is healthy and was able to attend all his days in school this week.

Mangos are sort of in season. Well, they started sprouting in the market and it looks like they’re going to be a bentangbento staple as the Kuya Kulay loves them.


Grainy Tuesday is a special request of hot porridge for his bento. Good thing I just got this soup bento that’s not really great at keeping things hot but keeps them from leaking and is tiered for toppings and what-not. My arroz caldo is a home grown recipe which I cook whenever somebody gets sick. It’s a lot like the Westerner’s chicken soup except it has rice in it.


Pork rinds aren’t exactly the healthiest things in the world but I only added a few bits of it, uhuh. (hides head in shame)


Rambutan is this sweet, fleshy and juicy fruit that has a really hard seed in the center, which has a tendency to peel off and ruin the joy of eating this fruit. However, the kids love them. I included the skin (that red hairy thing) so Kulay would know immediately what it is and not mistake it for candy.


As much as I include a lot of veggie sticks in Kulay’s bento, I don’t think he eats enough of it. So occasionally I would whip up a pureed veggie soup which the kids absolutely enjoy. The noodles here are optional as the soup is good enough without them. But I’m fattening up Kuya Kulay since he’s been catching viruses here and there.


Let me know if you’re interested in trying out any of my soup recipes, I’d love to write it down and post. Well, I may just do that soon.


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