Bits and bits

Bits and bits

I miss the teeny forks I call buddies. So I bring them out for use by cutting up the food in tiny bite size pieces.
Banana and suman (sticky rice).
And bakery find brownies.


Banana Bread Love

Banana Bread Love

This home loves banana bread. I haven’t really seen someone use banana bread as a sandwich, I just did that today. Awesome with peanut butter!!! Those are cheese and salami sandwiches, a sweet-savory combo. I just realized, I should’ve toasted it for a better bread texture.
Those are nuts on the upper left and Lala raw chocolates on the bottom. I don’t remember this treat as a kid. The Daddee, though, loves it and has fond memories of this local brand of chocolate. But I’ve kept it out of the house as the little Mr.
Kundiman is allergic to most stuff packaged as raw (for some weird reason, also allergic to certain food dye and chicken). But since kuya Kulay is taking this to school, I went ahead and got him one since he really enjoys them.


And it was all yellow

And it was all yellow

There are three themes here:
1. hearts
2. yellow
3. grainy

The onigiri hearts are packed with tuna. NOM!
Those are cheesey heart confetti all over. NOM!
That egg was shaped into a heart which I sliced for presentation.
Those french fry looking things are marshmallow treats.


All Tied up with Time

and singing to Time and Tide

…so why take more of your time in the morning prepping your lunch?

…so when do you find the time?

I have to be honest, I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I only prepare 1 bento in the morning. Kulay’s class start pretty late and a really quick bike ride away. Still I don’t have to do it, but I do. I can settle with a pack of fudgee bar and juice in his bag. Or whatever else is easier. Money?

However, I choose and commit to send him to school with a prepared meal. Simply because it’s the best I can do.

Also, it doesn’t really take that much time especially if you’ve already prepared your meal the night before or if you have a thought out plan for what the bento is going to be the next day. I usually only spend about 10 – 15 minutes in the morning to pack the meal and this time frame even includes taking a photo of it. Yes, I only really just put it together, and of course, a kyaraben would probably take more time but not significantly more if everything has been prepped and organized. But I also think that like most things, the more you do it, the easier and faster it gets.

And since I’m at it, I’d like to broach the topic of packing lunch for the adult, yourself. It isn’t only financially sound but also a healthier option. How much do you spend on your lunch? Now, imagine how much savings that’ll add up to if you packed your meal from the night’s leftover or that morning’s breakfast?

Say you normally spend 100-150 (a very modest assumption) on your lunch, that’s 2,000 to 2,500 in savings monthly. An amount that can definitely go into better aspects of your life, like a new pair of shoes?  If that doesn’t get you, maybe that can go to your designer afternoon coffee budget instead? Or an expensive buffet at the best buffet place in town? Does that sounds like a train you’d hop on?

And the time you actually spend preparing this is returned to you immediately during lunch. You can choose to eat at your own pace wherever you feel like it. Since you don’t have to line up at the cafe, you have extra time to walk to the nearest park bench to enjoy your meal and some fresh air. You may even have more time to catch up on some reading and/or fudge around in facebook.

The health benefits aren’t questionable (unless you eat spoiled food). Knowing who prepared your meal, what’s in it and having control of the amount definitely has its rewards. May not magically turn you into a size 2 but it’ll definitely do you more good than bad.

In this light, I want to commit to a challenge, make my lunch in a bento and see if I will lose any weight but I need people to hop on this train with me. Comment here or on the FB page if you want to join me. I’ll bring this up again in later post for the sign up. 😀


Sticks and dips


A new beginning… AGAIN. It was exam week last week and Kulay spent barely 10 minutes in school so he really didn’t need baon.

In the spirit of fruitful Mondays, I prepped papaya, cucumber and apple sticks. There’s two dipping sauce: peanut butter and thousand island. The choice of sauce gives your kid control in what’s actually an orchestrated meal. If I had a refrigerator I would have hummus and or guacamole in there but yeah that’s another story.

And let’s not forget the treat. That binch chocolate covered crackers is like crack to me but I’m really being good and not consuming them in one go for mileage.

As an aside, I’m changing up the way my photos appear. I hate that I only have a not-so-decent-anymore Galaxy Ace circa 2011. But I would have to make do. And I’ve been taking photos with filtered apps, for now, I’ll stick to the standard camera and have as little editing as possible.



Attention to details…


I need it. See I take a photo of my BentangBento right before I put it in the bag and most of the time I’m in a rush which make me neglect a few things. I didn’t want to post this anymore but I need a reminder to be more vigilant with cleanliness l. I used the fork to twirl the pasta around and since I’m taking that with me I just included it in the photo. Argh!!!

Lesson learned.

The treat is a special chocolate covered cracker which tasted absolutely divine. Would have to hunt for this in Korean groceries. <333


Well, well, well, welcome back to me!

I’m sorry that I’ve let the bad weather affect my postings. I’ve also only got internet back since the Habagat devastation.
I did have a few bento I just didn’t get to post but to start this off today, I give you banana bread buffet.




This is a fun way to introduce a new food to the kids. They loved picking up their shape of choice and nommed each piece, in fact they wanted more so I gave them the edges to nibble on.