Old and New.

I have some more realizations:

1. That fruitfuldays can look very dull and unappealing even if they are the tastiest things ever created. Case in point, this photo here: 


That is an atis, really sweet and grainy like sugar but also full of seeds in every clove. Atis is one of my favorite fruits, I will have to reintroduce this fruit to Kulay in another time. This came back as is. Good thing though there’s the new sauce cup in the form of a car that’s full of peanut butter and some crackers to dip in the PB. That part of the box was emptied.

2. You can be driven by yesterday’s fail. Dissatisfied with the reaction to my fruitful adventure, I gave the grainy day added pizzazz:


There’s nothing more glorious than the perfect sweet mango and sticky rice bite. Let me just say that while I wipe off the drool that formed in my mouth as I recall this speshul combo which I can only consider as made by gods. And as an aside, I added MnMs for Kulay to share. 

3. Looks can be deceiving.


That’s cucumber with thousand island dressing on the right; candies to share; a glaring cheese sandwich; and the most inconspicuous cookie butter sandwich. Enough said. 

4. All these meals above are power packed enough but I’ve always had an issue with the size of my bento box. When I started with the smaller circular lock n lock (which I had in the cupboard), I was only trying it out. And Kulay loved it, however the size and shape proved to be a big restriction to bento making. It makes for creative portioning tough. So I switched it up to the bigger rectangular one which comes with it’s own dividers. This lock and lock was something I love so dearly, lost one to a friend when I lived in Boracay and immediately replaced it when I had the chance. I digress. However, it’s too much for Kulay and I tend to pack so that it’ll look okay but it’s either too much for the kid to consume or it looks too empty as you may have felt in the first photo.

Good thing I have these:


It’s a 340 ml aluminum box with a plastic divider and a garter to keep it covered. This is the perfect size for my preschooler. The garter is an important aspect. This only means it’s not a snug seal so soups and sauces are a no go. Although that can be remedied by a sealed disposable plastic cup. When packed it fits the right amount of food and the size and shape is a great canvass for creative bentangbento-ing. 


That’s crunchy sweet potato fries on the divider; Rolled eggs with cheesy bowties and ketchup in the piggy sauce bottle; and chocolate crinkles for a treat. This is easily my least expensive bentanbento. Hmmmm. Certainly, looks can be deceiving.

And to add more cliche into this post, I’m not gonna say “out with the old and in with the new.” Having new stuff is fun but being able to have options is even better. 😀 

  Did my weekly post today because Kulay caught something in school and wouldn’t be going tomorrow. poor babe.