Bento boxes in the big good world.

Kuya Kulay was terribly sick on Thursday last week. Although he was well by Saturday, on Sunday night an unknown leak in the ceiling have caused his bed to be soaked and that didn’t do his health any good. He was battling with cough and colds and a little fever until last Wednesday. I would’ve sent him to school on Thursday but didn’t want anymore kids to catch his virus (he got it in school, by the way). And naturally I also got it by Wednesday night. There was a BentangBento  this morning, only I was too groggy to take a photo.

Since there isn’t any BentangBento to show for this week, lemme show you some of the drool worthy products out there. These are products I hope to carry in our shop someday soon, if they would let us…

source: bentonbetterlunches.com

Goodbyn lunchboxes. These are the most adorable lunchboxes ever. The big size even fit a designated water bottle. These are like an updated hard lunchbox from my childhood. I don’t see how a kid wouldn’t love this plus the partitions make for good portioning and making sure  food are contained in their own separate area.

They also come in various sizes depending on your needs and can most definitely grow with your kid. The snack size is perfect for the toddler’s meal pack. There’s the sandwich or salad size which for course is named for the size and not really to constrict you with your imagination of its use. Then there’s the small meal size. The perfect size for my little preschooler except, why stop there when you can put the water bottle in their flagship Bynto.

Have I mentioned that they come with see-through cover? How cool is that?! And the colors are to die for, so much cute in one little pack! Great innovations on the way we pack our kid’s meals. (Downplaying this, because I feel I’ve exhausted all my squees for the entire entry. NOT! SQUEEE!!!!) Also, there are stickers which your kid can change up, which are non-toxic, which adds more personality to his lunchbox.

They have more stuff, be sure to check out their store for more options and possibilities. The insulated bags are also crazy cute. There’s also a page on the website dedicated to recipes.

Packing meals for the littles can be tiring at times but you can make this a happy adventure by adding color and cute in your life as a mother. You don’t have to be all gleeful, cheery and stepford-y about bento making, because some days you may run out of it inside. Things like these are the little squees. I honestly would pick my own preferred color over my son’s still changing color preference if it’ll add a smile to my morning.

Life is all about perspective, certainly Goodbyn products can give you a cool and colorful view of things.

Watch out for more bento boxes in the big good world posts.