hmmmm professional…

To take a break from the usual posts, here’s my happy squee for the day:

hmmmm professional...

We have a spanking new logo!!! This is designed by my graphic artist friend, Rovie dela Cruz, who was mortified by a fiverr rendition of the job order I gave them.

MommiRovi, thank you for taking time off your regular television designing gigs, as hectic as they get, to do this for me.

As a bonus, she made me imagine how this could look as a bag design:


Now, can you imagine it on a shirt? Makes me really connect with the vision of BentangBento. This isn’t just a shop. We are a game changer; a lifestyle; a new approach; a vision. Come, share it with me.


The birthday Bentangbento

the birthday Bentangbento

I was ambitious. I wanted to make the noodles look like locks of hair and the bread a profile of the face while the piece of chicken a side view or the shoulders. Suffice to say, I quit while I was ahead. I just put together everything I had for the bento in the cleanest and hopefully cutest way I could.

Also, I had to make 12 of these. AMBITIOUS. The Dadee even had to rush to the nearest Andok’s chicken to grab another because the one I bought wasn’t cut well. Somehow I still managed and the kids definitely adored the food they had.

I was also surprised that they all were munching on their carrot sticks, which I only added for the freshness/good eats factor. Apparently, Kulay’s BentangBento are a bit of a hit among his classmates and they’ve been keen on the idea of eating carrots. (heart warmed. indirect compliment was very rewarding.)

Overall, I give myself a pat on the back for trying and banking the experience into future bentangbentos.



Banana Bread Love

Banana Bread Love

This home loves banana bread. I haven’t really seen someone use banana bread as a sandwich, I just did that today. Awesome with peanut butter!!! Those are cheese and salami sandwiches, a sweet-savory combo. I just realized, I should’ve toasted it for a better bread texture.
Those are nuts on the upper left and Lala raw chocolates on the bottom. I don’t remember this treat as a kid. The Daddee, though, loves it and has fond memories of this local brand of chocolate. But I’ve kept it out of the house as the little Mr.
Kundiman is allergic to most stuff packaged as raw (for some weird reason, also allergic to certain food dye and chicken). But since kuya Kulay is taking this to school, I went ahead and got him one since he really enjoys them.


And it was all yellow

And it was all yellow

There are three themes here:
1. hearts
2. yellow
3. grainy

The onigiri hearts are packed with tuna. NOM!
Those are cheesey heart confetti all over. NOM!
That egg was shaped into a heart which I sliced for presentation.
Those french fry looking things are marshmallow treats.




I endorse having a set theme for each day. One that isn’t so right on but also gives you direction for when you go to the market.

I remember having avocado only by the end of summer, now they’re still here and quite abundant. I really want to teach my kids to eat avocado, I think they are repulsed by the texture. So here I am including it in today’s BentangBento. (psh! He tried a few pieces but left some for K2 to find) Of course, the rest were consumed.

Oh the pilipit! These pretzels are crunchy, not hard like I expected or remembered. The kids love it and they are pretty in the bento, I can imagine it used many other ways in a kyaraben (character bento). Could look like locks of hair. ::rubs chin::

As an aside, let’s get into a more detailed discussion of my established thematic days and why I just love it.

When I started, I just put together whatever was available and always just had eggs of some form in Kulay’s BentangBento. He loves eggs but I want more variety in his diet. There was an afternoon when I couldn’t think of what to put in his baon, so I just came up with an alteration of the previous days’. That’s when I thought that there is a better way and I stumbled upon a hashtag (forgot which) that denotes a theme for each day. And so the daily themes where made.


They’re actually more general than the others I’ve seen and for me to have just a guide is enough. The first three days speak for themselves, and with you I’m just as confused every Thursdays. Weekend is there but it’s not there yet. I was originally going for rinse&repeatThursdays, which would allow me to copy one of the first three days. But it felt like a cop out, so I came up with shootingblanksThursdays, which is even more ornery. I like how it rolls in my head, though. SurprisemeFridays are just that, to encourage me to add a bit of excitement in this BentangBento making expedition.

Anyway, these aren’t set in stone. I may just change it up next month or next week. It just helps me and I hope it aids you too. You can copy my set days, or you can come up with yours.